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  • SUNDAY - AUGUST 16, 2020

    12-7 pm Workshops & EDM Concert

    Category-Sect.Time slots  Length       Type of segmentName Talent
    Pre-Event Prep11:00 AM60Preparation Team Social Media etc. 
    HH Opening12:00 - 12:10 PM10Opening Video & Welcoming To The Stage

    Tsunami Diamond & Angie Rainbow G

    Ceremony12:10-12:25 PM15Water Ceremony VideoWest Coast Ceremony
    Education Support12:25-12:40 AM15Water Education VideoWater Is Life
    Interlude12:40-12:42 PM2Interlude Tsunami 
    Charity Awareness12:42-1:02 AM20Humanitree ChallengePlanting Goddess Ceremony
    Interlude1:02-1:05 AM3Interlude w ERG'ssHH / ERG Gdss TEAM
    Loving Waters1:05-1:25 AM20Elizabeth

    Loving Waters Interview With ERG'ss

    Transition1:25-1:26 PM1Transition Tsunami 
    Water Wisdom1:26 - 1:43PM17Jim Grey WolfIndigenous Water Wisdom
    Transition1:43 - 1:44PM1Transition Angie 
    Water Conference1:44-1:59PM15DanaWater & Coherence
    Transition1:59-2:00PM1Transition Tsunami 
    Water Law2:00-2:15PM15TessSolutions on how to minimize your footprint
    Ascended Waters2:15-2:30PM15Interlude + Ascendia (Tsunami & Angie)Ascendia Permaculture Water Management Systems & Structured Water Technology
    Wisdom2:30-2:50PM20DanielaWater Wisdom & Song
    Transition2:50-2:51PM1Transition Angie 
    Activism2:51-3:11PM20Jen IsabelWater Activism
    Interlude3.11-3.15PM4Tsunami - Interlude Water SongMid-Day Holding Screen w/ Song
    Standing rock3.15-3.30 PM15Keia - Not Confirmed

    Standing rock talk and water wisdom

    Transition3:30-3:33 PM3Transition Angie & ERG 
    Water Healing3.33-3.48 PM15AlissaAkashic water healing
    Transition3:48-3:50 PM2Transition Tsunami 
    Water Healing3:50-4:05 PM15KatieWhale Water Healing
    Interlude4:05-4:15 PM10Water Now Music Video & ERG'sRegenerate The Planet
    TBA4:15-4:30 PM15TBATBA
    Music & Perma4:30-4:50 PM20Bloom & Angie Rainbow GPermaculture & Earth Activist Song
    Panel4:50-5:30 PM40HH & ERG Team Panel or Water PanelContent Plug-In
    Music5:30-5.39 PM9Liquid Light Project - Music by AkovVisual
    Transition5:39-5:40 PM1Transition Tsunami 
    Visual Music5:40-5:49PM9The Awakening - Darpan & Tsunami DiamondMusic
    Transition5:49-5:50 PM1Transition Tsunami 
    Headliner Set5:50-6:50 PM60Liquid Bloom SetMusic
    Closing Message6:50-7:00 PM10Harmonizing Humanity Team Closing
Please be advised that this is a live streaming event only.
No public attendance at events.
In response to the realities and issues generated by COVID-19, the producers are taking every precaution to protect the health of the community and
accordingly will follow the State of California guidelines for the event.