These are memes and themes of Earthstock Experience purpose and mission:
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Earthstock: Purpose-Mission-Urgency

Earthstock Experience is an expansion of Woodstock in the sense of it's a musical celebration with the intention of supporting and furthering both the health of the global community in the local community around regenerative practices and ecological well-being.

Earthstock Experience mission is to bring different communities together and to catalyze regenerative solutions for the planet and while uniting the arts, ancestral wisdom and activism.

For those who want to participate and support an event that brings together all the elements of human nature, the planet, all beings everywhere and even consciousness that’s starving for regeneration and recalibration. For those who respect rebirthing and synergizing the new earth co-created paradise.

Earthstock Experience: For those who know we are moving into a very intense future. A new paradigm Festival-experience where rights of passage and initiation are built into an immersive “gamified” design.

Earthstock is in the spirit and lineage of Woodstock of 50 years ago. Where we are part of creating a new story that bridges our inspiration to our implementation and providing the tools the methods the patterns the music the dance the rhythms the medium to bring us evolutionarily through portal of transformation into a new world so that generations from now will be thriving as a species in balance With the planet.

Earthstock Experience: The collaborative and cooperative experience where participants are immersed in a new earth reality where people and culture are thriving and gifts and talents are shared and valued in a regenerative economy.

Earthstock Experience: is an opportunity to gather solution ideas and programs from all the various aspects of regenerative culture. To explore our common ground in arts, healing the environment, peace and justice and create a collaborative model for education and legacy.

Party with a purpose - arts inspiring activism

Our purpose is to create whole teams of solutionary champions that can return to their own communities and plant the flag in their water-shed and other ecological resources. To be empowered to stand for solutions in partnership across the land.

Earthstock Experience: To successfully implement the new templates and ignite the divine spark for all who participate activating our solutionary race of champions.

Earthstock Experience: Empowering individuals to create community resiliency by empowering them with education and action creating a new ancient order model for generations to come.

Earthstock Experience: is empowering our youth to feel heart felt inspiration to take action and give them the skills to affect the change they want to see.

Earthstock Experience To create an educational, enlightening and entertaining experience that inspires people to integrate what they've learned and experienced into their every day life.

PAINPOINTS OF CRISIS: We are bringing relief to.

Confusion, apathy, stupidity, global environmental claps, destruction, pillaging, collapsing sickness and spiritual illness, disbursement of not being in alignment and balance.

Because we're bringing the medicine the mental emotional physical and therefore spiritual illness and disbursement of not being in alignment and balance .

DIS-Trust of leadership guiding planetary choices for the good of all.

We are at the tipping point of cascading systems collapse.

Dysfunctional behavior the earth has reached its holding capacity.

Destruction to children and innocence, collapsing environment, contaminated water, exploitation of women, spiritual brainwashing, toxic leadership, arrogance and ego.

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